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Mourentán is a consulting company in Santiago de Compostela. We are one of the main Galician law firms specialized in comprehensive consultancy in the Santiago region.


Consulting firm

Consulting firm in  Santiago de Compostela, Mourentán- Mentores de Empresa has been founded 30 years ago and it has become one of the leading Law Firms in Galicia. It offers an integral consulting service together with functional advice aimed to entrepreneurs and private individuals from different business-areas and countries.



vision integral
Comprehensive vision

Maximum dedication


etica profesional
Professional ethics

conocimiento mercado
Market Knowledge

Our services in


The firm counts with a highly qualified team and areas of specialization in tax, accounting, management, consulting, auditing, labour and legal matters. The values that support the performance of these professional services are: Trust, Customization, Comprehensive and complete overview[…], Maximum commitment, Professional ethics,Innovation, adaptation and ongoing training, Excellent knowledge of the market and interactions between key agents in the system (Administration, banking, production sectors).

mourentan oficina

Consulting firm in Santiago de Compostela

Its main services are:

Consulting Services


Within this area, “Mourentán” covers a wide range of services, enabling not only the compliance with the relevant regulations, but also the continuous improvement of your company´s efficiency and effectiveness.

Employment advice

The firm has experts in human resources to offer complete advice in the field of labor advice, which covers all aspects related to labor regulations and Social Security.

Accounting Tax Consulting

In the accounting tax area, the company provides recurring or specific advisory services on national and international tax matters to Spanish and foreign companies, as well as to individuals

Administrative Management

The company offers its professional services for all types of administrative procedures.

Legal advice

In order to cover all the professional and personal needs of our clients, the company has a legal advisory service to advise our clients on various legal issues.

Other Services

Insurance brokerage and mediation, account audits, training, industrial property and a long etcetera, are the services that you will find in this company.

We help overseas customers – We are registered at the Galician Association of Business Agents

Mourentán works throughout Spain and they also help foreign companies with confidence, since they are part of the O.F. of administrative managers in Galicia. Call us to clarify any questions!

We are your Consulting Company in Santiago de Compostela

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Rúa Castrón Douro, 15 B- Bajo
15703, Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, ES

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